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Biography Of Don Aleey

Assalamu alaikum
My name is Aliyu Abdurrahman (Haidar) which known as Don Aleey.

I was born in Unguwan dosa  in year, i started my nursery school from year of 2001 to 2004 in Madagali, then i continued with my primary school also in Madagali.
I registered to Committee for my  (Junior Secondary School) and (Senior Secondary School) in one school which is Committee  at Hayin banki.

Firstly before i started singing a Music, always i really enjoyed and listen to some musics of Wizkid, Morell, ClassiQ, So that i decided to start singing as am harken.

I was advised from some of my friends for this ambition which i wanted to become, some of them advised me to abound it, while majority of them advised me continue.

I started written my first music (which i named the music "Mazane")
After the music was published over social Media, Internet promotion website etc.
I was called from many people whose enjoyed the music, i had courage especially from my mom, and my friends.

As this my life keeps on going, now some people are calling celebrity,  however! I'm proud of self, and i love my fanz..
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