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Sunday, 3 February 2019


I’m here to discuss about the best tariff plans on MTN network that offers the best call rates in the country, Nigeria.
MTN can give you N24,500, like that of MTN Xtra Value bundles but do you really know is just N5,050? You know why, is because of the high call rates.
If you stay at default tariff plan, there are higher chance that your airtime will be burnt for no reason. Meanwhile, tariff plans are designed to offer you value for your money: be it data or airtime.
MTN has many tariff plans designed for different purposes. I will discuss only about four of them which will add value to your money and of course, give you the best rate for calls.
Many customers on the network use the tariff plan, probably because of the amazing rates it offers. I need to confess that this is also my tariff plan. It’s one of the most advertised tariff plan.
See what MTN PULSE has to offer in terms of calls:
1. On national calls, you get cheaper rate. With just N100 only, you can talk for minutes. Since it charges N11kobo for every seconds. Meanwhile, you should note that you will be charged N12.50/min for 50 seconds for the day while subsequent seconds will be charged at N11kobo/sec.
2. Don’t still lack data as well. While other subscribers are getting 750MB data at the rate of N500, you as a Pulse user gets 1GB at the same amount.
3. You also get night browsing data plans available from 12am till 5am – 500MB for N50 and 250MB for N25.
4. On every recharge of N100 and N200, you get a bonus of 10MB to 20MB per week valid for 1 day.
5. You get music streaming for N10 on music+.
6. instabinge 250MB and 1GB subscription for N100 and N200 respectively.
Meanwhile, if you are not cool with the N12.50/min charge from the network, you can check out the next tariff plan on this list.
To join MTN PULSE tariff plan, simply dial
*406# and migrate.
Just according to the name, if you really need the best tariff plan for calling, you can also opt for MTN Beta Talk because it’s specially designed for that functionality.
According to MTN advertisements, it says, “ load N200 to get your recharge doubled on Beta Talk” .
Hey! Do they really mean one cannot load below N100? But technically speaking, any recharge you make on Beta Talk will give you 250% bonus.
Let’s solve this out:
If you recharge N100, you will get 250% bonus. That means N250 will be added to your recharge, making N350.
In continuation:
N100 gives you N350
N200 gives you N450
N400 gives you N650
and vice versa.
So honestly speaking, you get 250% airtime of every recharge on Beta Talk.
Follow up, let me show you the calling rate:
With just N100, you can talk with your friends for almost 12 minutes 30 seconds because calls are charged at 42kobo per second which is N27 per minute.
In details,
National calls will be charged at the rate of N25.20/minute (42k/sec) from your main account and N27/minute (45k/sec) from the bonus account.
The airtime you get on this network can be used to browse and call all other networks in Nigeria and can also be used to send text messages.
If you use it to browse, hahaha, don’t just try it, you should get a good data plan for that because it will exhaust quickly.
To migrate to MTN Beta Talk, simply dial
*123*2*6# or Send BT to 131 and simply note that you cannot share the bonus airtime.
I know you have friends in overseas and you may want to call them at a cheaper rate but couldn’t find the best tariff plan on MTN for that. Hey dude! XtraSpecial is recommended for you.
Do you know that calling international people can make you spend lavishly on airtime? Yes, should be your answer because international call rates are way higher than national.
Do not be scared, MTN XtraSpecial is the way forward because you can get to call national and international people at a recommended location for the price of N9 per minute (15kobo/sec).
There’s no daily access charges, no perks, no first seconds charges and other petty charges on the tariff plan. All you need to do is to just migrate and start calling.
These are the selected and recommended international location by the network:
Hong Kong
South Africa
I pray they add Italy because that’s where almost all Nigerians based and even some of my friends.
To join XtraSpecial tariff plan, simply dial
*408# and you’re done.
I don’t know how to put it. MTN XtraValue is 2-In-1 tariff plan that rewards airtime and data to users depending on the package they opt for.
The two packages on MTN XtraValue Are:
1. XtraTalk – You get rewards for your recharged airtime.
2. XtraData – You get value for your data.
For now, we focused more on calls, not data. So let’s proceed to XtraTalk.
XtraTalk has a lot of calling plans. If you subscribe to the N300 XtraTalk plan, you get N975 airtime at a local call rate of N27 per minute.
That should give you up to 40 minutes for 300 Naira. Which is up to 13 minutes 30 seconds for N100.
In comparison, that offers about a minute of talk time than Beta Talk and less minute than Pulse. Don’t forget that you also get that free data.
Meanwhile, international call rates is charged at N39.6 per minute. The countries are: Canada, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, United States, China, Cyprus, Malaysia, Malta, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Germany.
There are 8 XtraTalk plans on the XtraValue and 8 XtraData as well, making 16 plans on the XtraValue tariff plan.
To migrate to XtraValue tariff plan, simply dial
*131*2# to subscribe to your preferred package. You can also opt out of auto renewal by adding the keyword NO to the subscription code.
NOTE: Migration is FREE to everyone but if you have migrated in the last 30 days, N100 fee will be charged. And always check your balance with *556# code.
I hope I have been able to bring out the best list of tariff plans that will give you value for your money. Find anyone you love and start calling.

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