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About Us

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Hausa9ja.ga is the one of the most popular promotion website in Nigeria, our website has being specify from other promotion websites, to make it so diffrent openly, in our website we have many framework to make you so happy with our features. such as;

-Automoatic Notification Alert
-Rank Alert (after one week)
-Star of the month (each of any month)
-e-Promotion (where you can promote your music online)
-Our Hausa9ja Tv (YouTube Channel)
-Print slip (Print any kind of slip; promotion payment slip, Approval slip, Bio Profile, our Original award, star of the month slip,  Award midnight slip...etc)
-Hausa Norvel (e-books)
-Purchase Lyric (buy a song online)
and many More

Our Promotion System: If you need to promote your music, we required (music, Cover,Description and payment) notification is auto by each..

Download & Visitors: if You promoted your music in our website, you don't need to warry about your music download number or visitor, we will send you immediately (music rank)

Link & Share: Immediately if we published your music in our website,  your Music Link will be send to you, so that you can share it to Family & Friends

People Comments: If someone commented on your song, you will be notify automatically.

Our Guest: In any nearest to your geographical area, we have our reports guide, if you had a problem we will know.

Connect to us: its easier to connect with all over the world.
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Search Engine: if we promoted your music, you can easily search your music with our relation with engines such as; Google.

Conference: any each of the month we make  a comminucation with our admins & Guide to discuss our experience issues and problems, to be solved.

Our Dashboard: we make it so easier to know how our website increase and growth within a moment

To get full More about us pleaee [Click here to Download Our Guide]

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